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The Fancy Dancer auditions are generally held at the end of August for the following dance season. However, the Artistic Director or the Board of Directors can schedule additional auditions to assist dance instructors in placing dancers in the most appropriate class.

To become a Fancy Dancer, you must audition before a panel of judges. The Artistic Director selects the panel of judges. The judges will teach a short tap and jazz routine. Then, you perform the routine before the panel of judges. Each dancer performs with a group of 4 - 5 other dancers. Judges may also ask you to display specific movements. 

Auditions are closed, which means parents and others cannot observe it. Auditions usually last about an hour long. 

Age Requirements

You must be at least 10 years old in the year that you are auditioning, or be invited by the Artistic Director.  The Artistic Director determines the upper age limit.

Dance Experience

The Fancy Dancers require a solid background in tap, jazz, and ballet. We recommend that you have at least four years of dance training.

You must audition every year.  Being a Fancy Dancer in the past does not automatically guarantee that you will be a Fancy Dancer for future dance seasons.  Within a week, the Artistic Director (or Board of Directors) will notify the participants of the audition of their acceptance or non-acceptance into the group. 

If you accept the position of Fancy Dancer, you must:

1- Write a short letter to the Artistic Director stating why you want to be a Fancy Dancer 

2- Have written consent from your parent or legal guardian to become a member